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Watch and listen to the sound of the KidsPlay Handbells

Did you know? You can email your order to be invoiced through PayPal at  Please include item numbers while ordering.


Item # RB107 - Set of 8 Combined Handbells/Deskbells
by KidsPlay
MSRP - $50.00
Your Price - $43.00 

This new set of bells combine the features of both the Handbells and Deskbells into one handy and versatile product. The special mechanism not only allows the bells to be played either by pushing the button or by hand ringing, but also help to reduce the "double ringing" effect when playing melodies. Note: If you wish to purchase a case please order RB107CASE

Item# RB107C - Chromatic Add-On Set   (C#, D#, F#, G#, A#)
(For those who already own RB107 Diatonic 8 Note Combined Handbells/Deskbells Set) Chromatic bells have black handles - See picture below
MSRP - $35.00
Your Price - $30.00


Item# RB117 - Combined Complete C-c 13 Notes Chromatic Handbell/Deskbell Set.
MSRP- $82.00
Your Price - $68.00

Play even more songs with the expanded range - Low A, Low A#, Low B and High C#, High D, High D#, and High E. The expanded range notes may be ordered separately as a set for either Handbells or Deskbells. When added to the RB117, RB118 or RB119 Chromatic Sets you have 20 chromatic notes.

Item #RB107EX - Expanded Range Handbells/Deskbells
(Includes Low A, A#, B & High C#, D, D#, E)
MSRP - $52.00
Your Price - $45.00


Item #RB117EX - Set of 20 Combined Chromatic Handbells/Deskbells
MSRP - $137.00
Your Price - $99.00



Item #RB108 - Set of 8 Diatonic Handbells C - c
MSRP - $39.50
Your Price - $35.00

Top quality construction and accurate intonation make this 8 Note Handbell Set the best value available. C-c range, each of the 8 metal bells are marked with the proper note and number to help children learn the musical scale. Five inches tall, the long handles enable players to grasp the bells securely


Item #108C - Chromatic Add-On Handbells  (C#, D#, F#, G#, A#)
(For those who already own RB108 Diatonic 8 Note Handbell Set) 5 " Handles are black
MSRP - $35.00
Your Price - $29.00

Item #RB118 - Complete C - c Range 13 Note Chromatic Handbells
MSRP - $65.00
Your Price - $58.00 


Item #RB108EX - Kidsplay Expanded Range Handbells
 (Includes Low A, A#, B & High C#, D, D#, E)
MSRP - $44.00
Your Price - $40.00

Item #RB118EX - Complete Chromatic Handbell Set
(Includes 20 Notes / Low A - High E)
Your Price - $89.00

 RB118XX ---

COMPLETE 25 NOTE (Low G to High G) CHROMATIC HANDBELL SET                                                                                                                                                  

MSRP $140.00  Your Price $128.00 


MSRP $45.00  Your Price $38.00 
Includes Low G, G# and High F, F#, G (For those who already own 20 note handbell sets)


#RB125 Black and White 25 Note Handbell Set
MSRP $140.00 Your Price - $128.00
Includes 25 notes/ Low G to High G. 25 handbells in black and white to simulate a piano keyboard. Great for older children or adults! You can buy two octave English Handbell music scores to play these bells! Also, complete your set and purchase (2) RB118CASE so you may carry the bells securely!


Single Ring Melody Bells

Designed to be played like traditional handbells, the large clapper is directional to allow for a loud, single strike. Each note has a plastic rest that allows the bell to be laid on the table without touching metal to the surface. These Single Ring Melody Handbells are the perfect first step for youth to experience bell ringing before being introduced to the adult bell choir. Steel bell with attractive brass color finish. Available in diatonic and chromatic sets.

RB105 8-note diatonic set C-c diatonic range. MSRP $55.00

Your Price: $45.00




RB105C 5-note chromatic add-on C#, D#, F#, G#, and A# (for those who already own 8-note diatonic handbells sets)MSRP:$36.00

Your Price: $32.00




RB115 Complete C-c 13-note chromatic set MSRP:$89.00

Your Price:$70.00

RB105EX Expanded range handbells add-on Includes Low A, A#, B & high C#, D, D#, and E (for those who already own 13-note handbells sets). MSRP: $52.00 

Your Price: $43.00

RB115EX Complete 20-note chromatic set Includes Low A – high E. MSRP $137.50

Your Price: $110.00

RB105XX 5-note handbell super expansion Includes Low G, G#, and high F, F#, G (for those who already own 20-note handbell sets). MSRP: $52.00

Your Price: $43.00

RB115XX 25-note chromatic handbells Includes Low G to high G. MSRP: $190.00

Your Price: $150.00!

Complete your KIDSPLAY Bell Sets with a case to set your Handbells in for safe and easy storage. The heavy-duty nylon material
is virtually indestructible!

Item #RB107CASE  - Holds 8 Combined Handbells
Your Price - $10.50

Item #RB117CASE - Holds 13 Combined Handbells
Your Price - $19.50

Item #RB117EXCASE - Holds 20 Combined Handbells
Your Price - $24.95

Item #RB108CASE - Holds 8 Handbells
Your Price - $9.50

Item #RB118CASE - Holds 13 Handbells
Your Price - $18.50

Item #RB118EXCASE - Holds 20 Handbells
Your Price - $23.50